I did a post about 18 months ago called 'The Side Hustle' talking about why I chose to study and start my blog on top of working full-time. The funny thing is that I got so used to having a 'side-hustle' that I feel weird or lazy if I don't have a side project (or multiple) going at once. 

I think it is just something that I learnt to enjoy - out of necessity probably otherwise I would have never finished my Diploma, but I am literally never satisfied with going to work and coming home, having dinner and watching TV. I mean I literally do all of those things but if I don't do at least something that is moving towards my end goal every day I just feel like the laziest person on earth. 

I have major fantasies of working successfully for myself one day, I'm sure the reality of it will have a lot of challenges and I know the days will be long. But at the moment, I work three days (I recently cut down from five days) as well as working on my own work, so how could focusing on my own mission 24/7 be anything less than a dream come true?! 

To be honest, the biggest issue I have with working on my goals is what to do? I mean, I want to have an online store, have my own range of homewares manufactured, continue creating blog content, style photo shoots, work as a freelance interior designer and maybe have my own bricks and mortar store one day. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by what I want to achieve, then the self-doubt starts coming in 'who are you to think you can do all that? why would you be successful in doing any of this? No one will buy your stuff, no one cares', etc etc. I'm working on battling those thoughts and do you know what I've realised? Anyone can do it. It may sound cliche but thats the truth. Anyone can start their own company around what they are passionate about. Anyone can start an online store. Anyone can manufacturer products. The difference is, most people don't actually do it. So maybe that's enough to be different? Sure, it may not work out but it's better to find out than to never try :)

BLOGAlex Carter