Arrival Hall is homewares store in East Perth, with a difference. Not only is it a stunning converted warehouse space but it's also a concept store. The ground level is full of amazing products and the second level is a living room / dining area / kitchen (you can even purchase a killer coffee!). This all sounds great but it looks even better.

Arrival Hall was founded and by Clement and Lisa, inspired by their love of travelling and finding beautiful homewares all over the world. They decided to bring a little bit of it to Perth - and boy, are we grateful! 

They were kind enough to let me come into their store last week and play around with all their goodies! All images in this post are styled and photographed by me :) 

Visit their online store or Instagram @arrival_hall to see their goodies for yourself!


What inspired Arrival Hall and how long was it in the pipeline?

Arrival Hall happened quite organically as the result of our love for travel and appreciation for beautiful, thoughtful design. We had been doing quite a bit of travel over the years and had discovered some amazing brands and designs that weren’t easily available in Perth. We wanted to create a concept store to showcase these products and started toying with the idea of the shop around 2013, but only opened our doors in 2015 after we had spent some time doing our research, getting a better idea of what was out there and what we wanted to represent.

What was the initial vision for the business and has that changed at all along the way?

We had initially planned to dedicate a significant portion of the store to fashion as Lisa comes from a fashion design background, but along the way we felt that it was too risky to start out with such a diverse range especially with fashion being so seasonal.

In our first year, we focussed on home decor accessories but eventually it seemed a natural progression to also offer a select range of furniture & lighting, all along keeping to our stylistic vision and penchant for Scandinavian style. Our aim was always and still is to create an inviting space where customers feel inspired by the well-designed pieces and minimalistic aesthetic synonymous with Nordic design.

What has been the biggest surprise you have come across being in a product-based business?

It’s been humbling to see how much our customers enjoy and appreciate the space we have created and the experience of walking through the store which is what we set out to achieve. But more surprisingly, we love that we’ve been able to meet so many amazing people along the way, get to know them and even form friendships through the process. It’s probably one of the most rewarding things seeing customers return to the store time and time again.

What has been the most exciting thing that happened since launching?

We’ve recently signed a lease for a new building which we’re really excited about. We’ve been looking for a bigger place for the store for over year now and we finally found the perfect building in the Northbridge which is right in the heart of Perth. The great thing about it is that it’s big enough for us to open a cafe. This really fits in with our original vision for the store being a real destination place and giving our customers a great experience while being totally immersed in products that are available to purchase from Arrival Hall. 

What is it that continues to motivate and push the business forward?

Travel has always been the greatest inspiration for us and we want to continue to do that and continually challenge ourselves to see what people are doing out there and discover new designs we love that we can bring back home. 

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