Meghan Plowman is a local Perth creative. She is a photographer and art director, she also has a paint range in collaboration with BAUWERK and her own range of photographic prints available on her website. 

It's very clear to see from her work that Meghan has a deep appreciation for great design that is simple and doesn't need to hide behind distractions. She has worked with a number of impressive clients, including; Status Anxiety, Mast Furniture, Once Was Lost and more! 

'From an early age Meghan has had a love for image making and composition and has developed an appreciation for design in all its forms, from industrial to fashion and architectural design. She finds joy in the imperfect, the understated and the combination of organic with the created object.'


Styling Assistance: Featherhorse

Styling Assistance: Featherhorse

How long have you been in the creative industry and what was your first job? 

I've been working in the creative industry for 13 years, with my first job as a graphic designer. I studied graphic design and minored in photography and illustration. 

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What was the biggest surprise/struggle you encountered when starting out on your journey? 

When I realised I loved creating images, in art direction, styling and photography, my greatest challenge was where to find that kind of work in Perth. The newspapers and very few magazines were doing any 'lifestyle' kind of work and it was all done in house. There weren't too many people working freelance at the time and most of those that had any experience were in fashion. I built relationships with as many people in the freelance creative world as I could (not just in Perth) to gain knowledge of the industry, rates, approach and realities of the work to see if it was for me. I also took work in lots of different areas to hone my skills, and I'm so glad I did because it introduced me to some amazing contacts, colleagues and best friends in the industry who have been invaluable to my journey.

Styling Assistance: Featherhorse

Styling Assistance: Featherhorse

Has your career evolved how you expected? 

Definitely not! But even better than I could have. I think being open to opportunity and saying yes (especially to the jobs no one else would do) has allowed me to refine and develop my style and eye. My career is still developing and I hope it continues to. I've never had a set idea in my mind about what I would 'be', except that I know in general I love imagery no matter the form, or what my role looks like in that creation. I've tried doing just styling, just photography, just the art direction and the fact is I love all of it. I'm open to and relish working with a team; it's tricky to define what I do because on any job I could be doing one, two or a collaboration of roles and that's perfect for me. 

You have created your own paint range in collaboration with BAUWERK, what was that process like and what was your inspiration? 

The paint range really was an idea that simmered for a number of years. As I was exposed more to the world of interiors the moment came to reach out to someone I meshed with well on an aesthetic level but also who had a considered mindset when it came to manufacturing and process. BAUWERK was a name I was familiar with and when I did my research, found that they're natural approach fit me and my ideas perfectly. The process was beautifully organic with BAUWERK. I approached them with an idea for a range and we refined a palette of five colours. It was actually after I pitched the idea that I went travelling and was inspired by the alpine and desert landscapes of North America for what became the REFINED RAW range. The colours weren't too different from my initial thoughts for a palette but this time they had real world inspirations and much more meaning for me. 

You also have your own range of beautiful photography prints, was this something that you had wanted to do from the beginning? 

Definitely. Having my own photographs as art was something I was working on even before I started styling. To me there's really no greater reward than someone wanting to display my work in their everyday spaces. 

Styling Assistance: Featherhorse

Styling Assistance: Featherhorse

What is the most rewarding and least rewarding part of your work? 

The most rewarding part is seeing a final result after a lot of planning and hard work. There are definitely those uninteresting, challenging but necessary steps to build up to that rewarding part. There's a lot of communication, admin and problem solving which are all integral steps to a job that might not seem rewarding - but make it all worth the effort in the end. I'm actually a bit of a nerd when it comes to list writing and task completion so this part of the job does tick a box for me! 

What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to get into a creative field? 

Work really hard, say yes to opportunities, and treat every person you meet with respect and integrity - you never know who they are and will end up being in your professional journey!

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