You'll all be familiar with the amazing label H&G Designs which I have featured multiple times on Harlow and Willow, but you may not know that it's owners - Hailey and Glenn designed and built their epic home in Queensland. I saw a photo posted on their Instagram a few weeks a go and immediately emailed Hailey asking if I could feature their home.

This is what home goals are made of!

"We built the home ourselves from scratch on the Sunshine Coast. 
The block was a small 220m2 which was quiet a challenge to fit everything we wanted into it. Build 260m2
We wanted the small block to feel large and spacious so we made sure we used high ceilings wherever we could and also tall door frames.

The house is centred around our courtyard, most rooms in the house lookout/down onto it so we went with large slider doors to incorporate the indoor/outdoor feel which is the Sunshine Coast way of living.
The interior design of the house changed so, so many times before we got to it but we ended up going with as much textured surfaces as we could- Easy Groove VJ, exposed block walls, concrete and timber. 
Most challenging part of the design was our staircase, we spent way too much time trying to make them work but in the end we found a solution and they work really well."

The home is littered with H & G Designs products, check them out on the below sites:


 *All images belong to Hailey & Glenn McGinty*

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