I'm very excited to be sharing Milk & Sugar's new season collection with you all!

Some products are available in store now, and others will be coming throughout the year. You can view them all and get your fix here!

"This season we placed a huge emphasis on simplicity and colour. Our whole range was based around a colour palette that we carefully selected and while there are some more colourful and fun printed items in our range – there is also an equal focus on creating pieces in a restrained manner.

Sometimes restraint is difficult to execute but we had fun balancing the yin and yang of print versus simplicity. Some of the new colours to come through our range this time are some gorgeous green tones and a colour we call ‘clay’. They work so well together and help bring a new depth of colour to the look of the brand".

*All images belong to Milk & Sugar*

h&w lovesAlex Carter