The reality for most of us who enjoy inner-city living these days is that spaces are getting smaller and smaller. While there are still those who choose to live further away in order for the budget to stretch further, some of us just can't give up being able to walk right out into the hustle and bustle and have the all important morning coffee basically on our doorstep! 

Anyone who has been to Hong Kong knows that some of the apartments there, really take compact living to the next level. One couple, decided to renovate their two bedroom 33 square-meter apartment to become a bright and flexible living space. To do this, they actually did-away with the second bedroom and installed some insanely practical and sleek cabinetry. 

Check it out below!

"Interiors studio JAAK has used custom cabinetry to convert a two-bedroom apartment in Hong Kong into a more open-plan home. Custom-made wooden cabinetry was then introduced to recreate divisions within the home, but the only fully enclosed space is the bathroom, which is hidden by a secret door."

"The bedroom, visible behind a built­-in desk, is also partially enclosed and accessed by two steps tucked behind the fitted units. An opening between the bed and desk is fitted with a blind in order to provide privacy while working and sleeping. Together with the existing concrete walls, the white oak units and marble countertops, the studio has created earthen-toned interiors, which are accentuated by the new abundance of natural light. Storage is incorporated into the custom-designed units as a space-saving solution."

"Above the bathroom there is a row of cubbies, while the bed is raised on a platform to create storage below.To avoid cluttering the small home, appliances are hidden behind the built­-in cabinetry ensuring that the home remains uncluttered and space is maximised on a mental level".

BLOGAlex Carter