I saw this house while deep diving on Instagram and LOVED the relaxed and organic look of it. The fitout and styling of it is in keeping with the style of the building with modern elements added. Nothing ticks boxes more for me than a well executed renovation that respects the original building while bringing it into current times!

Project description according to Planete Deco
"When Ana Maria and Manuel fell in love with this house in Sant Mori, a medieval village surrounded by forests and halfway Figueres and Girona in Spain, they have turned into summer house. And then they decided to settle there all year, they quickly realized it was not suitable for winter. This is the architectural studio Mesura that has supported the project in order to best adapt the house to the new way of occupying, realizing a wide open extension on the garden."

*Images sourced from Planete Deco*

BLOGAlex Carter