It can be a little daunting. I myself, have been quite conservative on colour in my own interior choices, mostly sticking with a calming palette of blues, greys, white and black. And while I do love this relaxed vibe, I often find myself looking at more colourful interiors thinking 'I wish I could do that'. 

I went to the Styling 101 workshop with Julia Green at The Design School in Melbourne and she asked us what we thought neutral colours were. We all said tans, beige, cream etc. If any of you have seen Julia's work, you'll know that she's a big fan of colour, she said to her the most staple neutral colour is a blue/teal. It got me thinking how subjective colour is and how interesting and layered a space can be with a combination of colours, not to mention the amount of subconscious feeling different colours can envoke in people!

The colours we use in our spaces are so personal. You are literally translating your personality into a visual expression, that you get to live your life surrounded by. It's pretty special really. 

SO, my new advice to myself, is to be braver with colour and to create a story that really reflects ME.

 Image credit:  Fijninhuis

 Image credit: Fijninhuis

 Image credit:  Avi Concept

 Image credit: Avi Concept

 Image credit:  Team Tonkin

 Image credit: Team Tonkin

Image credit:  Fijninhuis

Image credit: Fijninhuis

 Image Credit:  Pampa

 Image Credit: Pampa

 Image credit:  House and Garden  //  Featherhorse  //  Jody Darcy

 Image credit: House and Garden // Featherhorse // Jody Darcy

Image credit:  Fijninhuis

Image credit: Fijninhuis

 Image credit:  2lg Studio  //  Megan Taylor

 Image credit: 2lg Studio // Megan Taylor

 Image credit:  Michelle Bask Interiors

 Image credit: Michelle Bask Interiors

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