I bring to you another beautiful New Zealand brand, Penney + Bennett!

They are 'devoted to creating simplicity, materiality and questioning the conventional in contemporary textile livingware'. 

The lovely women behind this label are Loren and Sarah, based in Auckland and studio-mates at fine art college, the pair decided to fulfil a gap they found in the market by utilising their individual skills to create beauty in simplicity and quality.

They use only high-end international fabrics as the base for various traditional painting, drawing, photography and digital techniques. All products are then hand-made in New Zealand.

The Penney + Bennett range includes cushion covers, pillow slips, linen sheets and bed covers, blankets in dreamy colours and designs. They also have a collaborative range with none other than New Zealands Moochi. The collab print comes in cushion covers, dresses and tanks!

Head over to their website or their instagram @penneyandbennett to find out more!

I chatted with the duo below and got the scoop on how Penney + Bennett started


What inspired you to begin this venture and what has been the biggest surprise?

We both studied together in art school and collaborated on various projects, combining our two very different art practices. After difficulty finding beautiful prints on natural fibres and many discussions, we decided we needed to do something about it. How it has been received so well has been the biggest surprise, when you first start off you prepare yourself for the worst so to have such a huge response has been amazing. 

How would you describe your companies aesthetic/vision?

Minimal and thoughtful design - if something does not have a function or purpose then it is taken away. 

Picking a business name is one of the toughest decisions, how did you select yours and what is the meaning behind it?

Our business was named after our mothers maiden names, Loren’s was Penney and Sarah’s was Bennett.

What advice would you give to your younger-self?

Don’t play it safe, you don’t have to work the typical 9-5. 

It’s so important to get out of your comfort zone, as this is where you really learn and grow. Also surround yourself with mentors who you look up to and who inspire you.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?


*All images below to Penney + Bennett*

Alex Carter