Lauren at NOD creates stunning hand made and hand painted headboards from balsa wood. Not only does the range include beautiful colours in geometric patterns, it's also flexible. As you affix the wall tiles yourself, you can determine the height to make the most of your purchase! As well as being environmentally friendly - What more could you ask for?!

Headboards are no longer the chunky sidekick to your bed frame, Now you too can be 'No Ordinary Dreamer'! Statement headboards without a large dent in your wallet? CHECK!

Lauren is based in Manly Beach, Sydney. She has a creative mind and a passion for interior design and the environment. Not to mention a serious passion for sleeping! Her mission is to "inspire beautiful dreams and creative living".

NOD has been featured in the Collective Magazine, Interiors Addict, Frankie + more!

You can purchase your very own NOD bedhead online at My favourites are the ZIGGY Headboard in Apricot and Charcoal, and the MUSE Headboard in Apricot

Follow Lauren on Instagram @NODHQ for behind the scenes images as well as styling ideas

What inspired you to begin this venture and what has been the biggest surprise?

It was a number of things that all seemed to come together. I was fascinated at the prospect of physically making something after years sitting behind a computer screen. I also wanted to combine my passions for art and interior design to create something new and innovative. When I wanted a new headboard for our bed, the idea came to me, and the rest is history as they say! 

The biggest surprise...I think this has to be the response I have had from my Instagram followers. I have been blown away by the support from the artistic and interior design community on Instagram. I have met some beautiful people, from my customers, to members of the media, to other small business owners, and artists and designers from around the world who have encouraged me. I will be forever grateful for their kindness and enthusiasm.

How would you describe your companies aesthetic/vision?

Fresh, unique, creative, innovative, exciting and contemporary. 

Picking a business name is one of the toughest decisions, how did you select yours and what is the meaning behind it?

Tell me about it!! I thought long and hard about this one. I decided to go with NOD as in to nod-off. My headboards and bedroom accessories range revolve around sleep time, so it felt right! NOD is also an acronym of my tagline No Ordinary Dreamer, which I feel encapsulates the personality of my range and speaks to those dreamers out there searching for something special.

What advice would you give to your younger-self?

Yikes! Hmm... Inject positivity into the world, especially when you're feeling down! 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Japan. Growing up we had Japanese students live with us. One lady in particular stayed for 5 years and became like an older sister to me. She is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met and I would like to see the country that produced such an amazing individual. 

*All images in this post belong to Nod*

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