This feature is something a bit different for Harlow & Willow, it is a coming together of art and fashion.

habbot x Emma Lipscombe is a collaboration between Australian Shoe fashion designer Annie Abbott of habbot and WA artist Emma Lipscombe.

Emma Lipscombe (featured artist of The Design Files Open House, Artist Open House Freemantle, and celebrated in Australia’s leading publications) was invited to collaborate with Annie Abbott, Australian Shoe designer to launch a limited capsule collection which celebrates the coming together of inspiring creative women succeeding within the design/fashion landscape.

I interviewed Annie Abbott of Habbot Studios about the collaboration!

How would you describe your aesthetic and the vision for your brand?

I think the best way to describe my creative vision for habbot is a melding of classic styles with a colourful palette and contemporary treatment so it was important to carry this combined approach through to the collaboration.  I was able to merge Emma’s geometric prints with our shared love of statement colours and apply them to a small group of habbot classic styles.  Each of the styles in the collection reflect my polished yet uncomplicated style in terms of shoe design and shape, which allows Emma’s print to play the major role in defining the collection.

How did the collaboration between yourself and Emma Lipscombe come about?

I always try to include unexpected materials in each new collection and realized that a great way to do this would be to create my own printed leather by collaborating with an artist. I first saw Emma's work at The Design Files open house a couple of years back and I recognized the fact that Emma and I share several similar design values in the way we both love using strong and often contrasting colours and I have always loved geometric prints and patterns which is obviously a cornerstone of her work. I approached her to work with me in June last year and we started working together shortly after that.

What has been the best part of the journey in this collaboration?

I think seeing the first sample made up. This is actually always my favourite part of the designing process, but especially in this case as I have never made my materials 'from scratch' so to speak. It was fantastic to see something that we'd created from the ground up come to life.

Does this inspire you to pursue future collaborations with artists in the future?

Absolutely. Whilst the process was a bit more complicated and therefore time consuming, it was such a satisfying experience and it definitely helped to be working with such a talented and easy going artist as Emma. I really feel like I've made a new friend out of this collaboration as well as a new capsule collection.  

If you had to pick, what would be your favourite piece of the capsule collection?

I think the locks loafer is perhaps may favourite because it uses the collaboration print for the entire shoe upper so is the 'boldest' of the group. Plus I always love a tassel!

*All images in this post are a part of habbot x Emma Lipscombe*

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