The philosophy at Art Club Concept is "We believe an exciting interior inspires an exciting mindset"

This is a unique way of viewing the world of interiors, which is why the products they produce are so unique.

The team are not your average interior creators, they are heavily influenced by both fashion and have brought this powerful and dominant field in to their concepts. All designs are created in-house and include cushions, wall-art, clocks, vases and even skateboard decks - for decorative purposes!

Their products strike the perfect balance between youthful fun and simplicity. They allow each individual customer to style and pair their products however they wish, it's this versatility that I believe is what makes the Art Club Concept a staple in any contemporary home.

I chatted to Creative Director Ben Lawry about all things ArtClub below!

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What inspired you to begin this venture and what has been the biggest surprise?

My biggest inspiration and drive has always been to make an impact on people's lives. Making an impact on someone's life, regardless of how big that impact may be, is the greatest currency we can have! Starting a homewares brand is a vessel that allows me to continue making an impact on people after a long career in fashion.

Without a doubt, the biggest surprise is that its never as easy as you first imagine it to be! I've spent years in business and I'm still hit with daily challenges. Though in reflection, its these challenges that have actually shaped my journey. It’s all about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable!

How would you describe your companies aesthetic/vision?

Aesthetically our products are modern and contemporary with a progressive fashion element. In regards to the company vision, it all relates back to the original inspiration of wanting to make a genuine impact in peoples lives through our brand or products.

Picking a business name is one of the toughest decisions, how did you select yours and what is the meaning behind it?

The story and meaning is based around the three words that make up our brand name. We wanted to create a brand that focused on ‘Art’ being the foundation of what we do! From there, we wanted to convey a lifestyle brand with a strong focus on community which is when we decided on ‘Club’. Lastly, we have always believed that every idea starts with a ‘Concept'...Art Club Concept

What advice would you give to your younger-self?

You don’t have to make every mistake to learn a every lesson! In saying this, I would also tell myself that every lesson provides an opportunity to learn and grow. Looking back, the failures are what helped lead me to success and I wouldn't change the past in any shape or form. 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Italy! 100 times over! I come from an Italian family and share a very strong connection with them. My morals and beliefs come from the environment I was raised in. Love well, live well!

*All images in this post belong to the Art Club Concept, styled by Bek Sheppard*

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