Clean, simple and refreshing are just a few of the words I would use to describe Kate & Kate's brand and aesthetic.

The two lovely ladies behind this brand are Kate and Kate (as the name may suggest), they are actually sisters-in-law who have together created created a brand that offers a range of Australian designed textiles and residential soft furnishings.

They have a passion for both colour and monochrome. When looking through their collection it's abundantly clear that their mission of creating products with clean lines and geometric patterns while using high-quality materials and finishing has been successfully achieved!

Since beginning in 2013 with a range of cotton blankets they have since expanded into full collections and have been featured in a large range of blogs and magazines including House & Garden, Belle and Real Living. With the brand gaining such quick momentum over the last two years, the sky is the limit with these two.

To see more from this talented pair follow them on Instagram @kateandkatehome or check out their website kateandkate.com.au

What inspired you to begin this venture and what has been the biggest surprise?

I think the business in itself is the biggest surprise!  I honestly don’t think either of us would have believed this would be our career path five years ago – but we wouldn’t change it for anything.  In terms of our inspiration to start Kate & Kate, we feel as though it was written in the stars.  Kate and I were both looking at other, totally separate business opportunities, when we literally stumbled across our manufacturers at an international sourcing fair.  It didn’t take us long to decide to join forces – it was within half an hour that we decided to get Kate & Kate underway and start creating some beautiful blankets.  We went to market 13 months later and the business has grown exponentially.

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How would you describe your companies aesthetic/vision?

Our vision is very much directed at creating inspiring seasonal ranges of Australian-designed textiles and soft furnishings for the home.  There is a definite Kate & Kate aesthetic, driven by clean lines and a modern look – we have an equal love for both colour and monochrome.  For each new season, we work towards innovative design and product, and today our range comprises premium quality cotton blankets, 100% linen throws, cushions and napkins, and luxurious towels for bath, beach and hand – all created with big love. 

Picking a business name is one of the toughest decisions, how did you select yours and what is the meaning behind it?

Ha ha, this was the easiest part for us.  We both share the same name, so Kate & Kate was a natural brand for us.  It only took us a day to come up with it and it felt right from the start.

What advice would you give to your younger-self?

Continue to work hard and take everything you can from each experience the world throws at you – nothing will go to waste.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Right now?  It’s a toss up between New York and Italy… actually, stuff it, let’s do both!

*All images in this post belong to Kate & Kate*

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