For those of you who haven't heard of Hunting for George, you're missing out. This may sound dramatic, but after looking through their website, you'll see this ain't no exaggeration. 

Hunting for George was created by sister duo Lucy Glade-Wright and Jo Harris. Their aesthetic is simple, good quality and well thought out but not fussy. They have done things quite differently to a lot of interiors retailers, including having a journal and online blog called 'Community' which includes a Meet The Maker section that highlights the designers and artists that are stocked in their stores. 

They also create kick-ass promo videos for their collections - including the below released 6 months ago for the new Welcome Home range. 

Hunting for George won the Best Small Independent Retailer for 2017 at the Online Retail Industry Awards a few months ago, as well as being a finalist in the 2017 Telstra Victorian Small Business Awards! Not to mention the winner of Best Online Retailer and Best Retailer Marketing Initiative 2017 at the GALA Awards (I have to stop listing awards now for fear of sounding like a proud Grandmother - but there a lot). They have also been featured in some impressive publications, including; Vogue Living, The Design Files, Grand Designs, Real Living and Inside Out. 

I chatted to co-founder Lucy about the creation of Hunting for George below :) 

The important bits: @huntingforgeorge

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What inspired Hunting for George and how long was it in the pipeline?

We were inspired to bring personality to Australian retail, homewares in particular. We had both spent time overseas and experienced phenomenal retail and wanted to bring that excitement to Australia. We began discussing plans in 2008 and after 2 years of concepts, planning and prep we launched Hunting for George in 2010. 

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What was the initial vision for the business and has that changed at all along the way? 

Our initial vision for Hunting for George was actually a physical store. We had big plans for what we wanted to create but our plans were slightly out of reach as we had a minimal budget. So we decided to focus our attention towards ecommerce and that's actually when everything began to click. We were really excited by the challenge of translating the physical experience online.

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What has been the biggest surprise you have come across being in a product-based business?

The biggest surprise was probably when we discovered we had a knack for product design. We launched our own art print collection in 2012 and straight away they became best sellers. We've always tried to bring something unique to the table both in business and product design. The thing about being unique is that you need to continue to evolve, create and experiment. It's an ongoing process that requires a lot of passion and hard work. 

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What has been the most exciting thing that's happened since launching?

There has been so many! Honestly we can't believe half the things we've accomplished but one of the most exciting things so far would have been about 2 years ago. We announced a Warehouse Sale at our Richmond studio and crossed our fingers that people would turn up. Thousands of people arrived and there was a queue over 100m that wrapped right around the block. That was the first moment we realised how big our audience was and how much they loved our brand. It was incredible.

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What is it that continues to motivate and push the business forward?

We are a sister duo and have a great relationship, that definitely helps to have a partner in the business that you can talk to especially through difficult times. We also have an incredible team that we rely on. They bring new energy and ideas to the workplace which keeps us motivated, pushing ourselves each week to achieve new goals. 

Hunting for George have recently opened a large store in Highpoint, Melbourne so check it out! 

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