Greenhouse Interiors Styling Retreat

Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors is basically the queen of all things styling, colour and pattern. She is published in an interiors magazine practically every month and runs an amazing online store with incredible art and homewares. 

Late last year, she announced she would be running her second Styling Retreat (I missed the announcement of the first one and was devastated). The deal was, you go to Barwon Heads, to her incredible home and learn about styling, the business of styling as well as what it takes to be successful in the industry along with four other people. On the final day, you create a photoshoot with your team that is then captured by a professional photographer - Stephanie Rooney! 

The weekend consisted of chatting about our career paths and where we wanted to go, what was stopping us and what we needed to move forward. We ate delicious food, drank champagne, and did a morning yoga session as well as having a digital marketing specialist talk to us AND a five hour slot of shooting - all in just over 24 hours!! Needless to say, there was not a lot of sleep, but we all left with our hearts and inspiration cups overflowing! The results in the below images speak for themselves and were also featured on Interiors Addict here and Dot + Pop here here :)

Style Squad: Alexandra Carter (@harlow_willow), Chelsea Ellis (@hallocameo), Aisha Chaudhry (@interiordesignstein), Hannah Amos (@hannahandclint), Jennifer Harrison and Sally Humphries (yet to join Instagram). 

Photography: Stephanie Rooney (@stephanie_rooney) Style Assist: Sara Huckett (@lennoxrdinteriors

Artwork No. 1 - 'She's a Wildflower' by Brent Rosenberg

GI_workshop_18march_lowres05 (1).jpg

Artwork No. 2 - 'Blossom' by Kimmy Hogan

GI_workshop_18march_lowres01 (1).jpg

Artwork No. 3 - 'Life Bee' by Prudence Caroline


Artwork No. 4 - 'Monsteria' by Morgan Jamieson

"Alex, your eye for design and commitment and passion to styling is irrefutable. You have gone to great lengths to display your passion for this field, and clearly have a well-developed sense of style. i loved watching you on shoot day edit your shot, and put the basic styling principles into action. You were a delight to be around, easygoing, flexible, team spirited and a joy to work with. I can't wait to do it all again and soon". - Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors

The Squad

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